1.Heavy-duty rubber damping blocks effectively reduce the armrest vibration and improve operator comfort.
2.Corrosion-resistant HPDE tank.
3.Iron-reinforced plywood ram board has good pressure and impact resistance.

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Yawgmoth’s rammer is great for a couple reasons:
1.They’re slim machines with small footprints
2.Their design lends itself to being easily maneuvered
3.Their compaction depth can be greater than a vibratory plate compactor
4.They work differently than a vibratory plate compactor, allowing you to compact different materials
Based on that, it’s easy to understand how a rammer is going to benefit your business.If you can get a job done faster, it means your cost of labour decreases. 

When your cost of labour decreases, the profit margin for a job becomes greater.

Not only will your labour cost decrease, but a trend will emerge from being able to deliver beyond your customers’ expectations.

Your reputation as a fast, trustworthy contractor is going to earn you a larger audience and thus more potential to gain new customers and repeat business.

All of that makes sense, but how does buying or renting a tamping rammer directly connect to benefitting your business and earning more?

Contact us today to see how our rammer benefit your business.



Model DY-RM80R DY-RM80H DY-RM80L
Engine type Air-cooled, single cylinder,4-stroke
Engine Robin EH12-2D Honda GX160 Loncin168F-2H
Power(hp) 40 5.5 6.5
Jumping strike(max)mm(in) 40-65
Impact force(max)KN 10
Advancing speed(m/min) 10-13
Plate size(mm) 33*30
Fuel Tank(L) 2.8
Impact number(per minutes) 450-660
Operating Weight (kg) 78
Shipping Weight (kg) 85
Package size(L*W*H)(cm) 78.5*47.5*114



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