1.This machine collects the advanced points of safety, amenity and the capability of secondary generation tamping rammer. Its appearance and design style is also unparalleled and neoteric compare with all others before. It adopts 3 dimension CAD software for the design, which realize further on the machine body balance, steady jumping and perfect compacting without loss.
2.It has reliable 4-stroke engine to supply the power, which achieves the lower discharging and lower voice.
3.The heavy duty shock mitigation system can reduce the vibration effect on the the worker hand and arm, which can improve the working amenity.
4.The plywood-veneered tamping plate reinforced by iron board has the advanced points of pressurization and anti-impacting.
The high density polytene fuel tank is good at anti-corrosion.

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Yawgmoth’s rammer is great for a couple reasons:
1.They’re slim machines with small footprints
2.Their design lends itself to being easily maneuvered
3.Their compaction depth can be greater than a vibratory plate compactor
4.They work differently than a vibratory plate compactor, allowing you to compact different materials
Based on that, it’s easy to understand how a rammer is going to benefit your business.If you can get a job done faster, it means your cost of labour decreases. 

When your cost of labour decreases, the profit margin for a job becomes greater.

Not only will your labour cost decrease, but a trend will emerge from being able to deliver beyond your customers’ expectations.

Your reputation as a fast, trustworthy contractor is going to earn you a larger audience and thus more potential to gain new customers and repeat business.

All of that makes sense, but how does buying or renting a tamping rammer directly connect to benefitting your business and earning more?

Contact us today to see how our rammer benefit your business.



Model DY-80T
Nummer of  blow(HZ) 10.7-11.3
Jumping stroke(mm) 50-80
Impact force(KN) 15.6
Uuel tank capacity(L) 3.5
Lubricant for body SAE 10W-30
Capacity of lubricant for body(L) 0.82
Operating weight(kg) 83
Shoe size(WXL)mm 285*340
Dimensions(HXWXL)mm 1000*365*788
Engine modle Robin EH12-2D
Displacement(cc) 121
Max.Output(kw/rpm) 2.6/3600
Setting speed(rpm) 3400-3600
Capacity of lubricant for engine(L) 0.4
Fuel Unleaded gasoline



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